selected discography

Little Arthur Duncan - Live in
                  Chicago! (Random Chance Records) Proving Grounds (vinyl) by John Baumann Salvadore Ross
Trainwreck Riders - Perch (Alive
                  Records) Ruminations / Tone Farmer Falling Off the Face of the Earth / Manray
                  (cassette) The
                  Sweep - Under the Dragon's Wing
Buffalo Killers - Let It Ride (Alive Records) Before You Go Away / Tone Farmer Diabolical Boogie / The
                Chrome Cranks Red Bird Green / Magnolia Mountain

Meanwhile / Tone Farmer
Magnolia Mountain - Beloved

Town and Country /
                Magnolia Mountain

 and many other titles, including:
         "Jazz with O.T." - the radio show of Jazz historian, MC, and DJ, Oscar Treadwell,
            transferred from over 280 open reel analog tapes, to CD-R, for the Cincinnati Public Library.