Andrew Hamilton Mastering
EDL This is a view of AHM's primary digital audio workstation, Sonic Studio HD.    There's a Sonic in the disk mastering room and in the dubbing room.  It provides state-of-the-art, four-point editing, custom fade shaping, loop-through workflow, and various replication format delivery options, including DDP v. 2.0 (data folder of CD image files), DDP v. 1.0 (Exabyte cassette), or digital audio on CD-R.   Sonic Studio HD's 48 bit audio bus, which provides three times the amplitude resolution of compact disc audio, gives its sound filters, gain modifications, and HD sample rate conversions a substantial amount of precision, allowing for natural sounding adjustments, even at extreme settings.  Both Sonic Studio HD workstations at AHM are authorized for NoNoise® processors, including DeClick, DeCrackle, and general noise reduction.   Also, Izotope RX can be used on the PC DAW, running in the machine room, next to the Mac DAW, for spectral repair, de-hiss, de-hum, and other related processes.

For DVD-V titles, there is Apple DVD Studio Pro and for DVD-A titles, there is Minnetonka Audio discWelder.